Codeplex Shutting Down, But Gepsio Continuing on GitHub

Microsoft has announced that the Codeplex site will be retired this year. This news does not affect Gepsio in any way. As noted in the original roadmap plan for Gepsio, as well as the March 2017 update to that plan, Gepsio will be moving from Codeplex to GitHub in 2017.

The anticipated shutdown date for Codeplex is December 15, 2017. Gepsio’s 2017 development plan notes that Gepsio will move over to GitHub when .NET Standard 2.0 is released. Since the move to GitHub is planned during the first public preview release of .NET Standard 2.0, and since Microsoft’s current roadmap for .NET Standard lists a public preview release of .NET Standard 2.0 in the second quarter of 2017, Gepsio’s code base and related materials should be moved over to GitHub well before the December 15 shutdown date for Codeplex. If there is a need to do so, Gepsio could be moved over to GitHub earlier than that; however, with all of the other migration activities going on as well as Gepsio’s move from .NET Framework to .NET Standard, it made the most sense to make a “clean cut” over to GitHub once the code’s migration to .NET Standard is complete.

The Gepsio project thanks the Codeplex team at Microsoft for offering a home to the Gepsio source since 2008.