Gepsio and the Money Tree Investing Podcast

Gepsio made its way onto a list of XBRL APIs as a part of a discussion last month on the Money Tree Investing Podcast. Episode 13 of the podcast was titled “XBRL and Financial Data with Nate Anderson” and features a good discussion of the current landscape of XBRL tools and technologies.

Nate Anderson, the guest for the episode, is an XBRL Enthusiast and Software Developer at KPMG. He started his XBRL career as a “tagger”; he helped Fortune-500 companies navigate the US GAAP taxonomy, map their financial statements to XBRL elements, and create XBRL to meet SEC rules and XBRL US best practices. He maintains a nice XBRL blog, which you can find here.

Thanks go to Nate for including Gepsio in his list of XBRL libraries!


Gepsio Reviewed by HereBeDragon

I found a very nice review of Gepsio today on a blog at Here’s what the author had to say:

My first stop was Codeplex, where I searched for the term ‘XBRL’ and found 3 projects. That’s too few. Of these, one particularly caught my eye (in fact I have followed this project for a few months) and that is ‘Gepsio’.

Gepsio is a .NET based document object model for XBRL that can load and validate XBRL documents. It’s a ‘strict’ processor for XBRL that throws exceptions when the loaded document is not valid. Perhaps it’s possible to make changes to and save XBRL files using Gepsio as well, but frankly I could not look into it in depth because of the exceptions and because I was short of time.

I did give the source code of the XBRL Reader part of Gepsio a good look though. I was impressed to see sustained work, focus on meeting XBRL conformance requirements and a clean, well organized codebase. Gepsio is a good option to evaluate if you are looking for open source XBRL software.

The Gepsio XBRL code is licensed under Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL), which allows you to use the code in a commercial application.

Find the author’s review of Gepsio, and many other open source XBRL tools, through this link.

Thanks to HereBeDragon for the review!